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Snowmobiling - Snowmobiles - Ski Doos - Snow Bikes in Courchevel, Three Vallees, France.

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£ 125 / HOUR / snowmobile

Once the ski runs have closed for the day, try your hand at driving these 500cc two seater motorbikes built specially for the snow. With the rear wheel replaced with a caterpillar track for momentum and the front wheel swapped for a pair of skis for steering - snowmobiles are incredibly quick and able machines whether snow, ice or even water is put in front of them.

Whether your a beginner or you've done it several times before after some expert instruction and tuition your soon be out on an open country trail enjoying the buzz and adrenalin rush of being in control of a snow scooter through deep powder (when there is some!) and speeding up and down the ski runs in the quiet of a late moon lit evening whilst closely observed by the highly experienced instructors.

The trip will include passages through the forest, long straights and the ocassional stops for some panoramic views so you can admire the beautiful landscapes, with luck you might even see Mont Blanc.

 Snowmobiling - Operation times
 daily - 7 days a week
 hourly from 5.00pm (1700hrs) / 6.00pm / 7.00pm / 8.00pm

Rides every evening for beginners and experts. Hourly excursions take place everyday from 1700hrs. The first two hourly excursions are the most popular so pre-booking is essential if you require one of these slots.


 Snowmobiling - lOCATION
 Meet: Maison de la Montagne, La Croisette, Courchevel 1850 Centre
 Start Point: Track next to restaurant Cap Horn

You will meet for you Snowmobiling excursion at the Maison de la Montagne in La Croisette in which is in the centre of Courchevel 1850. From here you will be transport the short distance (approx. 10-15 min drive) to the snowmobiling start track next to the piste by the restaurant Cap Horn, Courchevel 1850.

 How to get there from Courchevel
  • TAXI


 Discovery Trip - (Beginner / INTERMEDIATE) (with or without passenger)
 Sport Trip - (Intermediate / Advanced)
 Passenger with Guide - (Discovery Trip)
 Private Outing

Before any Snowmobiling excursion commences there is a safety brief to make sure that everyone in the group understoods all the instructions.

  • Discovery Trip - with or without passenger - £125

The Discovery trip, as it suggests is to discover Snowmobiles. It is the Beginner / Intermediate level Snowmobiling excursion. The discovery trip is the only trip that you are allowed to carry passengers on your Snowmobile. To drive a snowmobile you need to be 20+ years old, passengers have to be a minimum of 10 years old.

During the excursion you will all follow in a line - keeping a safe distance between you and the Snowmobile in front - STRICTLY NO OVERTAKING. The Discovery trip will take you on a varied route with passages through the Praméruel forest, up along the Gravelles Boulevard, a passage along the Grandes bosses piste which leads to a beautiful off-piste area, returning down the initial path, a climb up to the Verdons station and back to the Courchevel altiport.

Route length: approximately 23 Kms

  • Passenger with Guide - £

For those of you that do not want to drive you can ride behind one of the professional guides, but hold on tight as this is one of the fastest and most exciting rides available. You are only allowed to ride behind a guide on a Discovery Excursion.

  • Sport Trip - £125

The Sport trip is for those among you that are fuelled by adrenalin! The Sport trip is the Intermediate / Advanced Snowmobiling excursion that allows a maximum 5 bikes out at a time, with 'NO' passengers and only one instructor. As long as all the rules are obeyed i.e. speeds and distances this excursion is one that you will never forget. Powder snow when we have some, driving up embankments, flat-out up the pistes is only a few experiences of driving a Snowmobile that you will encounter. A MUST if you have Quad bike or Jet Ski / bike experience.

  • Private Outing - EXTRA £625

For £625 you can ensure that you have no-one else on your excursion to spoil it for you. A private package includes 5 snowmobiles and 1 guide!


 Snowmobiling - Duration and Format
 5-10 minutes signing in and organisation of equipment
 15 minutes Shuttle from the meeting point to arrivial at the track
 15 minutes Safety Instructions and brief
 60 minutes driving
 15 minutes return shuttle to the meeting point
 Outing duration: 1 hour – total activity time: 01 h 45

When you arrive at the Snowmobiling office 10 minutes before your allocated time the Snowmobiling operator will ask you for a Credit Card and make you sign a rental contract. The credit card is for the operating companies own insurance basically incase you cause any damage to their snowmobile. They will take a blank swipe of your card incase you cause damage, this means that they have the ability to take payment for it. Once all the agreements have been signed you will then be transferred the short distance (approx.10-15 mins) to the snowmobiling site.

It is now time to get your helmets fitted you will need to grab yourself a hair net for hygiene reasons and then find a helmet that fits. As soon as you all have helmets it will be time for your instruction and safety brief - Pay close attention to the brief as the operator has total right to cut your Snowmobiling session short or not let you take part at all - if you do not obey the instructions.

When the safety brief has finished you will be told to find yourself a Snowmobile. The Instructor will then perform one final check to make sure that you all understood how to maneuver and place yourselves over the bike during different Snowmobile driving situations. When the instructor is ready and happy that everyone has understood the instructions he will then take you out for your chosen Snowmobiling excursion. Your chosen excursion whether Sport or Discovery trip will last for 60 minutes.

When the excursion finishes you will need to hand back the helmets and throw the hair nets in the bin. You will then get back into the shuttle bus for the journey back to the meeting place in La Croisette in the centre of Courchevel 1850. If 'NO' damage has been caused then you will need to collect your credit card details from the operating company and then make your way home.


 Snowmobiling - Operation / Restrictions
 alcohol must not be consumed before Snowmobiling!
 DO NOT DRIVE - Heart, Vascular & Vertebral problems or Pregnant
 Driver - Minimum age 20 - must have a driving license category 'b'
 Passenger - Minimum age 10

Snowmobiles are very heavy pieces of machinery that can cause heavy stress on the arms and upper body. Please be careful and drive with caution


 Snowmobiling - Equipment Supplied
 Hair net

The Snowmobiling company supplies hair nets for you to wear for hygiene purposes under the helmet that is also supplied. The wearing of a helmet whilst taking part in the Snowmobiling activity is compulsory.

Some of the helmets have visors BUT the majority don't! There are no rules or safety instructions saying that you need to wear goggles and many people prefer not to. Please bring goggles if you decide not to wear them you can.


 Snowmobiling - Suggested items
 Dress Warm - Ski Clothing - Jackets, Ski Pants, Gloves, Goggles
 Good sturdy boots - walking boots or snowboard boots
 'no' ski boots!

Dress for what could be an extremely cold evening - its more comfortable being hot that being very cold. In Mid-Winter, December, Jan and February all the excursions including the 5.00pm (1700hrs) will be in the dark under moonlight and Snowmobile headlamps. Temperatures could be as low as -35°c with the wind chill factor. In March and April when the days are getting longer and lighter, the start of the 6.00pm excursion could be in daylight and much warmer.


 Snowmobiling - Staff / instructors / Numbers
 discovery trip - 2 instructors
 sport trip - 1 instructor
 10 snowmobiles - discovery trip with passengers 20 people maximum
 sport trip 5 snowmobiles maximum - No passengers

Every Snowmobiling excursion is accompanied by a Qualified Guide / Instructor the Discovery trip has 2, one leading the group and one racing up and down the line making sure that everyone is behaving themselves.

The instructor guides are in contact with each other every step of your excursion via radio headsets


  • 500cm³
  • Weight of Machine - heavy
  • Engine specs - acceleration 0-60, torque, horsepower etc
  • skis to steer
  • caterpillar track for momentum
  • Thumb throttle


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