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The Whitetracks Activities website will always be - 'Under Construction' with the addition of newer pictures, further information and even better Experiences. Bear with us and Keep on Visiting!

Whitetracks Activities started operations in the picturesque French Alpine village Meribel, Britain's favourite ski destination, the central resort of the largest ski domain in the world, 'Le Trois Vallées' - 'The Three Valleys'.

Whitetracks Activities is the only company dedicated towards a specifically selected collection of questionable high-risk Alternative Winter Activities and Snow Sports that include Driving, Flying, Sliding, Diving and Riding activities and sports that are all accessible from the resorts of Meribel, Courchevel, Val Thorens, Val d'Isére, Tignes and La Plagne.

All the chosen Whitetracks Activities are supplied by many different operators that more often than not are available to everyone visiting a winter resort environment - young, old, male or female.

Whitetracks Activities basically provides much needed 'information' where 'information' is limited about all the hazardous, high risk and dangerous! non skiing, non boarding activities that thousands of skiers and boarders take part in every winter season.

Previously before Whitetracks Activities very little information was available about the activities for anyone wanting to take part in or anyone who might of been interested if only they knew more about the activity itself.

Considered equally important by Whitetracks Activities are the large number of options available providing everything from first time experiences for the nervous novice to thrill seeking experiences for the more confident that people just didn't know about. Whether you've done the activity before or not, there is an experience to suit everyone's needs and desires.

It's the intention of Whitetracks Activities to fill these gaps by providing in depth information covering every possible aspect of each activity and how the different operators supply them - Essentially Whitetracks Activities is here for you! - a central information point - an unofficial governing body for the British public or any other Nationality wishing to take part in any of the activities providing not only concise up-to-date information in which we need your help, your input and critical analysis to help enhance the experience for future participants - but also where possible a one stop request service at no extra cost to the original activity price that should ensure you a slot on these ever increasingly popular activities.

Purely web-site based Whitetracks Activities is an independent company with no direct affiliation to any of the activity suppliers themselves - we want to create competition between them in order that they improve and enhance their activities which should in turn create better and better experiences for you and others that will follow. We use the internet not to reduce but to enhance our customer service by reducing costs, increasing efficiency and to aid with fast communication but ultimately to provide us with the means of reaching a much wider audience of which to share these unique experiences.

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